FAQ – Steel

Commonly Asked Questions

How many colors can I have in my designs?

We have the capability to print up to 8 different colors of your choosing on any design. Our process is dry-offset, so there are no process colors (we will not mix two or more colors on the press to achieve a color) each color is set to the customer's specification.

Do you have hexachrome?

No, we do not utilize 6 (or 4) color process on the press. We offer up to 8 different custom colors of your choosing

Are DSC cans free of BPA, Conflict Minerals and Heavy Metals?

The PET lining and interior food contact surface is free of BPA, Conflict Minerals (such as tin, tungsten, tantalum & gold) and Heavy Metals (specifically, lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium). Furthermore, our can is also free of BADGE, NOGE, and BFDGE.

Are DSC cans approved for food contact?

Our cans comply with the US and EU legislation for food contact; FDA 21CFR 175.300, and EU 1935/2004/EC, 18895/2005/EC, and 2007/72/EC. In addition, the DSC food safety systems are subjected to an annual 3rd party audit for verification of compliance with food safety standards.

What is 2Q?

DOT-2Q is a classification for certain aerosol cans that adhere to specific dimensional, material, manufacture, wall thickness, testing, and marking requirements. The DOT-2Q certification is the highest among the three classifications; non-specification, DOT-2P, and DOT-2Q.

What is buckle/burst?

This refers to the pressure required to cause permanent deformation (buckle) or bursting of an aerosol can.

What is buckle/burst for 2Q?

All DOT-2Q cans are required to withstand a minimum of 180 psig without buckle and 270 psig without burst.

Do you have an 18 Bar EU rating?

Yes, cans with this rating are available, but only upon request. This is a European designation that exceeds the DOT-2Q requirements for buckle/burst but is not officially recognized by the USDOT. 18 bar cans will withstand a minimum of 261 psig without buckle and 313 psig without burst.

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